Professional Anti-Spy RF Detector Innovative Infrared Camara Laser GSM WiFi Signal Detection Hidden Camera Lens Focus Scanning

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Brand Name:YYS SPY
Model Number:2020 New Anti-spy camera detector
Function:Signal Anti Spy Bug Hidden Camera Detector
RF frequency detection range::10-3000Mhz
3 working modes 1:Lens focus scanning
3 working modes 2:infrared radio frequency alarm
3 working modes 3:intelligent retrieval signal
Power supply:Built-in lithium polymer battery 500mAH
Infrared detection frequency range:750-1000nm
Infrared detection distance:1-10 meters (depending on the signal intensity of the light source)
Laser indicator power:class II 1mw
Observation eyepiece magnification:5 times optical magnification
Feature 3:Anti-jamming
Feature 4:adjustable threshold
Feature 5:Anti Candid Camera Detector
Feature 6:spy things hidden bug detector GSM GPS Tracker Finder Scanner
Feature 7:detection wiretap in the distance
Feature 8:can detect candid camera, eavesdropping, GPS locator